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H2S Awareness Online Training

Course by: Danatec Educational Services

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Our 100% interactive online course allows you to train anywhere, anytime. Save with volume discounts!

Our intuitive online training course is designed to provide information so you can properly recognize, assess, and control hazards associated with H2S gas.

Our online training is perfect for any individual or business who may require knowledge of H2S gas for employment. Throughout the course, participants will learn about the properties of H2S, the health hazards associated with exposure, detection and monitoring methods, and acceptable exposure limits.

Our Hydrogen Sulfide Safety training course will provide you with critical information to help you recognize the possible presence of Hydrogen Sulfide in or around your work areas. Know the precautions necessary in order to safely work with Hydrogen Sulfide, and how to respond to a Hydrogen Sulfide Emergency. 

This course consists of 6 chapters and a 20-question final exam. A score of 80% on the final exam is required for participants to achieve certification. Once you have passed your exam, you may access a printable completion certificate as well as a digital completion badge.

Hydrogen Sulphide: It’s a Killer Gas

Hazard detection & exposure limits: How much is too much?

Hydrogen sulphide in the Oil & Gas industry

Personal protective measures

Contingency plans & rescue response including First Aid

Safe job procedures