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We are in the business of sending people home safely to their families.

We are in the business of sending people home safely.

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Our Best Selling Safety Courses

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Train Employees, Track, Certify

Purchase courses for your staff and invite them to log in by email, text message, secure enrolment key. Whatever it takes. Your learners launch their course with a single click.

Login to your dashboard and you have everything you need at your fingertips. Manage the learners connected to your account, track progress, view completed courses and purchase new licenses.

Simply keep track of learners training and certification history in one accessible and secure online location.

Begin Training Staff

Train the Trainer

Keep costs down and safety top-of-mind by doing your training in house. Flexible group options and a la carte in-class options.

Designed for employers/trainers who are teaching their workers and need to understand the course material and how to implement this training in their workplace. Once completed, trainers will be able to host a classroom training program for their workers and have a full understanding of how to implement the training in their daily activities. All ongoing training materials included.

Become a Trainer

Training Employees Is As Easy As 1-2-3

Assign Courses

Purchase Courses

Add Your Learners

Invite Learners to Training

Begin Their Training

Manage & Track Learner Progress

Manage Learners

Track Progress

View Certifications

Train The Trainer To Keep Costs Down

Train in house with flexible group or a-la-carte in class options

Prepare your trainers to:

  • Deliver in-depth subject knowledge
  • engage adult learners

Support trainer and learners with relevant training resources

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What’s New in Occupational Safety & Compliance

WHMIS (GHS) Bundle

WHMIS (GHS) Self-Teach® and WHMIS (GHS) Handbook

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TDG & WHMIS (GHS) Online Training Bundle

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