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TDG Self-Teach® Book


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Danatec’s award-winning, industry-recognized TDG Self-Teach® Book is for initial or re-certification training. Our continuously updated TDG course meets all of Transport Canada’s training requirements under the TDG Regulations, for all persons involved in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods by ground. Our course is ideal for shippers, receivers, and drivers. Written in simple language, examples and practical workplace exercises in Danatec’s TDG Self-Teach® Book will engage the adult learner and make for an interesting and educational learning experience. Our courses focus on elements that ensure the information is understood, retained, and easily resourced. Each package includes training materials for one person: a Self-Teach book, a final exam that the employer marks, a class guide, placarding guide, practical workplace exercises for site specific training, and a certificate.

This training is meant to be used as independent study and allows students to go at their own pace. It works well in small or large groups and provides room for discussion and site-specific training. This award-winning program is used by Canada’s largest and most recognized companies. 

The TDG Self-Teach® Book includes:

  • Industry recognized, TDG Training and certificate
  • Easy to follow and read training manual for one person
  • Interesting and engaging learning content created by industry experts
  • Same-day certification

Book content includes:

  • An overview of TDG requirements and regulations
  • Responsibilities of shippers, handlers and carriers
  • Nine classes of dangerous goods
  • Shipping documentation, placards, labels and safety marks
  • Different means of containment
  • Special situations
  • Emergency Response Plans (ERAP) and actions

Note: TDG certification is valid for 3 years upon completion and is non-transferable.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"

Pages: 94