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Virtual instructor-led TDG Ground Train the Trainer Course

This three-day in-depth course is designed for individuals responsible for training workers who may be involved in transporting, handling, shipping, receiving or supplying dangerous goods. This course is delivered virtually using Microsoft Teams.

Course Outline Includes: 

  • TDG Instructor package includes 
  • Power Point presentation, 
  • TDG regulations, 
  • 8 TDG hand-books, 
  • 8 TDG training certificates and poster.

Tracey Thibeau

Senior Safety Consultant, We Know Training


October 18, 19, and 20 2021

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Designed for individuals responsible for training workers who may be involved in transporting, handling, shipping, receiving or supplying dangerous goods. This program covers everything you need to know about TDG safety, from an in-depth overview of regulations, classifications, and safety marks, to detailed break down of policies and processes related to documentation and dangerous occurrences.

Course Schedule

Day One


The Act and review of the most critical sections

The Regulations

  • Purpose
  • Overview of the Regulations-CHANGES**
  • Definitions, exemptions and permits
  • Training competencies and certificate
  • Classification-CHANGES**
  • Schedule 1, 2 & 3-CHANGES**
  • Review of the nine classes
  • Classes, Divisions and Packing Groups
  • Shipping Names and UN Numbers
  • Primary and Subsidiary Classifications
  • Packaging selection and use
  • Exercises

Day Two (Review of Day One)

Safety Marks-Small containers

  • Labels
  • Shipping Name, UN Number-CHANGES**
  • Other Safety Marks

Safety Marks-Large containers-CHANGES**

  • Placard selection and use
  • Placard and UN Numbers
  • Other safety marks and signs-CHANGES**
  • Exercises

Day Three


  • General requirements
  • Shipping Document information-CHANGES**
  • Location, transfer, retention and delivery
  • Exercises

Reporting Dangerous Goods Incidents

  • Defining a Dangerous Goods release
  • New reporting amount table*****
  • Immediate reporting and the 30-day report (New)

Review of previous material and discussion

Exam and discussion

Course prerequisite: None

Certification: Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% on the final exam to achieve certification.  TDG Instructor package includes TDG Training DVD, PP presentation, TDG regulations, 8 TDG hand-books, 8 TDG training certificates and poster.

You can also contact our TDG expert, Tracey Thibeau, with any questions by calling 780-298-9544 or through email at tracey.thibeau@weknowtraining.ca.


Tracey Thibeau

Tracey represents We Know Training as a board member on the Canadian General Standards Board, which has drafted the Standard. He is also our TDG and WHMIS instructor for ground, marine and air transport, and a senior safety consultant with over 35 years of experience in the dangerous goods industry as an expert.

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