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TDG Competency-Based Training: Specialist

Course by: Danatec Educational Services

SKU: TDG930100

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Danatec is pleased to provide comprehensive, competency-based transportation of dangerous goods training online. Our new TDG training has been designed to meet the standards of CAN/CGSB-192.3-2020: Transportation of dangerous goods training, assessment and competency. This TDG training is offered via four role-based certifications for specialists, shippers, carriers, and receivers. This TDG Specialist course includes all training competency activities and is the most comprehensive program we offer. 
This certification includes TDG General Awareness Training (GAT), a Final Exam, and all TDG competency exercises. We recommend you review the competencies included with each certification to determine which program suits your needs. 
Upon completion of a TDG certification, a role-specific certificate will be issued and must be signed by the learner’s employer. All GAT topics and completed competencies will be identified on the certificate of completion. 
This certification includes TDG General Awareness Training (GAT), a Final Exam, and all TDG competency exercises.
General Awareness Training Modules:  
  1. Introduction to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  2. What is TDG?
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
  4. TDG Schedules
  5. General Provisions, Special Cases and Exemptions
  6. Classification
  7. Documentation
  8. Dangerous Goods Safety Marks
  9. Means of Containment
  10. Train With a Purpose
  11. Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAPs)
  12. Reporting Requirements
  13. TDG GAT Final Exam
 Competencies assessed in the TDG Specialist Course include:  
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Identifying Safety Marks
  • Identifying Packing Options
  • Means of Containment
  • Setting Up Overpacks
  • Loading Means of Containment
  • Completing a Shipping Document
  • Identifying if an ERAP is Required
  • Managing Dangerous Goods During Transport
  • Unloading Dangerous Goods
  • Responding to an Incident