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Skid-Steer Loader Certification


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This comprehensive Canadian skid steer course exceeds all CSA/OHS requirements for classroom operator safety training certification in all Canadian provinces and territories. Summa courses are the highest quality online courses available today, combining high definition video with cutting edge machine animation and video demonstrations. The format increases learning retention and is very entertaining and informative for students. A few questions after every chapter prepare the student for the final exam. Upon successful completion students are provided with access to: skid steer specific OHS requirements for every province and territory in Canada; a practical evaluation checklist; and easy-to-use instructions for evaluating operator competence on the machine.

An employer practical evaluation is required to complete the certification process and can be performed by a supervisor or authorized personnel. Employer practical evaluations are fully approved and recommended by OHS and CSA as they give the operator training and testing that is job and industry specific. This certification is transferable across companies and provinces (Note: each company must perform their own employer practical evaluation). Certifications expire after 3 years, as per CSA requirements.

For Skid-Steer Practical Evaluation Documents Click On The Links Below:

How to perform a practical evaluation (PDF)

Skid Steer, practical evaluation checklist

The course is broken into 5 modules and each module contains multiple chapters. Course modules are described briefly below:

Module 1. Legislation

This covers important federal and provincial skid steer related legislation requirements for the machine, employees, supervisors and employers.

Module 2. Staying Safe

This module helps students understand dangers of the machine during use; focusing in depth on the most common incidents and accidents with skid steers.

Module 3. Know Your Machine

Throughout these chapters students gain a strong understanding of the skid steer, the importance of the manual, safety decals, machine components, controls, capacities and stability principles.

Module 4. Starting Off Right

Learn the best steps to starting each day and job off right with the machine. This includes pre-operational inspections, function tests, maintenance, hydraulic system dangers, refueling, hazards, hazard assessment and mitigation and rescue planning.

Module 5. Safe Use

Here we learn about safe operational use of the skid steer including proper communication, PPE, operating rules/tips, material handling, attachments, parking/shutting down, snow removal, machine transport, record keeping and more.