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Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training / Online Training / Online Safety Training / Online / Transportation and Drivers / Drug and Alcohol / Transportation Industry / Supervisor Training

Refresher Course - Supervisor Drug & Alcohol Awareness (DOT)

Course by: CannAmm

SKU: SAF916830

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After successfully completing this safety refresher course, the learner will have the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Find the balance between an employee’s duty to be fit for duty, and the employer’s requirement to accommodate
  • Determine an employee’s fitness for duty by recognizing and assessing when an employee is not working safely or is otherwise exhibiting hazardous behaviours
  • Describe the supervisor’s duties and responsibilities to immediately intervene to prevent injury or harm due to substance use
  • Describe behaviours that are reasonable, consistent, and preserve an employee’s dignity when addressing workplace drug and alcohol-related hazards 
  • Summarize the key points of the drug and alcohol testing process

Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Awareness Course Syllabus

  • Drug and alcohol awareness: recognizing signs and symptoms
  • Appropriate interventions in workplace drug and alcohol use
  • Escalation and documentation guidelines summary, key takeaways, downloadable resources, and links