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TDG Competency-Based Training Learner Packages


Price $29.95 CAD $29.95 CAD
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10 + 25.0% off $22.46

Note: These packages are only intended for purchase to those companies who have completed and are certified in Danatec’s TDG Competency-Based Train the Trainer. These learning packages alone do not provide the full recommended training experience and materials intended for training delivery.

Unlock Bulk Savings! Get a 25% discount when you purchase 10 packages or more! 

Each individual TDG Competency-Based Training Learner Package includes:

  1. A Learner Participant Guide
  2. A TDG Handbook
  3. A Final Exam
  4. A Certificate of Competency
  5. Competency Activities for the following TDG Competencies:
    1. Classification of Dangerous GoodsIdentifying Safety Marks
    2. Identifying Packing Options
    3. Means of Containment
    4. Setting Up Overpacks
    5. Loading Means of Containment
    6. Completing a Shipping Document
    7. Identifying if an ERAP is Required
    8. Managing Dangerous Goods During Transport
    9. Unloading Dangerous Goods
    10. Responding to an Incident