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TDG / 3 Day / Train the Trainer / TTT / Transportation of Dangerous Goods / ILT / Construction Industry / Resource and Heavy Industry / Utilities Industry / Manufacturing Industry / Transportation Industry / Technical Services Industry / Healthcare Safety / Hospitality Industry / Office Industry / Online Training

TDG Competency-Based Train the Trainer

Course by: Danatec Educational Services


Price $895.00 CAD $895.00 CAD
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Available Classes

Jun.19 - Jun.20, 2024
Wednesday, Jun. 19th - 9:00am - 5:30pm EDT Online Classes
Thursday, Jun. 20th - 9:00am - 5:30pm EDT Online Classes
Jul.17 - Jul.18, 2024
Wednesday, Jul. 17th - 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT Online Classes
Thursday, Jul. 18th - 9:00am - 5:00pm EDT Online Classes
This two-day in-depth course is designed for individuals responsible for training workers who may be involved in transporting, handling, shipping, receiving, or supplying dangerous goods by ground. This new TDG training has been designed to meet the standards of CAN/CGSB-192.3-2020: Transportation of dangerous goods training, assessment and competency. This Train the Trainer program teaches trainers how to deliver Danatec’s TDG General Awareness Training and issue competency exercises applicable to the trainer’s workplace and roles. 
Included with this training is a free license for Danatec’s TDG Competency-Based Training: Specialist, which is a perquisite for taking this Train the Trainer program. Upon registering for this training, please make sure to complete this online training prior to attending the Train the Trainer instructor-led sessions. 
In addition to Danatec’s TDG Competency-Based Training: Specialist online training, registration for this program includes: 
  • Continual access to Danatec’s TDG TTT SharePoint folder that contains the current PPT and relevant updates to printed materials. 
  • 1 TDG Instructor Binder, with detailed instructions and guidelines for delivering the training. 
  • 1 TDG Learner Package, which includes a learner participant guide, TDG handbook, final exam and a learner certificate. 
General Awareness Training Modules:

Introduction - Introduction to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Module 1 - What is TDG?
Module 2 - Roles and Responsibilities
Module 3 - TDG Schedules
Module 4 - General Provisions, Special Cases and Exemptions
Module 5 - Classification
Module 6 - Documentation
Module 7 - Dangerous Goods Safety Marks
Module 8 - Means of Containment
Module 9 - Train With a Purpose
Module 10 - Emergency Response Assistance Plan (ERAPs)
Module 11 - Reporting Requirements
TDG GAT Final Exam
Competency Activities 

  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Identifying Safety Marks
  • Identifying Packing Options
  • Means of Containment
  • Setting Up Overpacks
  • Loading Means of Containment
  • Completing a Shipping Document
  • Identifying if an ERAP is Required
  • Managing Dangerous Goods During Transport
  • Unloading Dangerous Goods
  • Responding to an Incident
Note we need to cut of registrations for a course 10 calendar days before a session starts to ensure participants get materials in advance.