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Exceed compliance requirements with Canada’s best online TDG Training.

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As Canada’s leader in TDG Training, Danatec is pleased to offer a new suite of Transportation of Dangerous Goods online training. Our new TDG training has been designed to meet the standards of CAN/CGSB-192.3-2020: Transportation of dangerous goods training, assessment and competency. This TDG training is offered via four role-based certifications for specialists, shippers, carriers, and receivers.

Interactive. Comprehensive. Competency-Based.

Our certification courses provide unmatched value, with competency-based activities that assesses real-world skills and knowledge application. In addition, our TDG training is:

  • Mobile-friendly with video and 3D components
  • More comprehensive, with added details and exercises on TDG schedules and packaging standards
  • Interactive, containing exercises for testing learner competencies
  • Issued a detailed certificate of training upon completion that includes all training topics and competencies assessed

Role-Based Certifications

Our TDG Training has been designed around the specific role an individual plays within the TDG lifecycle. We recommend you review the competencies included with each certification to determine which course suits your needs. Explore each role-based course below.

Why choose the new TDG courses?

In November of 2020, the CAN/CGSB-192.3-2020, Transportation of dangerous goods training, assessment and competency training standard was published. This standard contains many significant changes that will affect the way Canadian employers train their workers. While this new training standard is not yet in effect, updates to Part 6, Training of the TDG Regulations are anticipated to be republished in the Canada Gazette, Part I mid-2025 with a 60-day comment period. Stay up-to-date with Transport Canada's recent consultations and upcoming regulatory amendments here.

Why Competency-Based Training (CBT)?

Competency-based training is a learning approach that focuses on evaluating the necessary skills and knowledge to perform a task. It’s not just about providing theoretical knowledge — it’s about developing the practical skills needed to perform a job safely and effectively.

Our competency-based TDG courses will have vital impacts on your jobsite. This increased standard of training will enhance worker competency and reduce incidents involving dangerous goods, keeping your team and your company compliant and safe.

Want to learn more?

Want to get a sneak preview of the course? Interested in more info? Fill out the form below for additional information about Danatec's new competency-based certifications for specialists, shippers, carriers, and receivers of dangerous goods.