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Online Training / General Safety Training / NORM Training / Online / Naturally Occurring Radioactive / Construction Industry / Resource and Heavy Industry / Utilities Industry / Technical Services Industry

NORM Worker Online Training

Course by: Alara Consultants

SKU: SAF924400

Price $124.95 CAD $124.95 CAD
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The NORM worker training is comprised of two modules:

Module 1 is the NORM Awareness Training where the learner is provided a basic overview of what NORM is, its hazards, and how to protect themselves.

Module 2 covers basic safe work practices, including what PPE to use and what procedures should be implemented.

After completing ALARA's NORM Worker Training, the learner will know:

  • Common NORM collection points in the oil & gas industry
  • The difference between NORM exposures from sealed and unsealed equipment
  • Typical PPE requirements for the different NORM areas
  • Basic NORM procedures and how to prevent the spread of contamination, including:
    • NORM training
    • Screening of equipment
    • NORM signage
    • NORM areas and flagging
    • Tagging NORM equipment
    • Sealing open equipment
    • NORM change tents
    • Frisking of tools for contamination
    • Frisking of workers for contamination
    • Decontamination of workers
    • Basic radiation hygiene