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Our Awards

Danatec is a recognized leader and innovator in the safety industry. Here are just some of the ways that our contributions have been awarded and acknowledged.

2019 Talented Learning

Best Learning System

2018 Reader's Choice

Mobile App

2018 Reader's Choice


2018 Reader's Choice


The Hermes Award

The Hermes Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional materials and emerging technologies.


Platinum (Business to Consumer)
Danatec Website


Gold (Web Based Training)
WHMIS 2015 Online Training


Gold (E-Learning)
WHMIS 2015 Online Training


Gold (Catalogue)
Danatec 2015 Catalogue


Platinum (Web Based Training)
TDG Online Course

2008 WorldFest Houston

WHMIS Tell Me Your Story DVD, WHMIS Online Training

2008 Videographer Awards

WHMIS Tell Me Your Story DVD

2008 CSTD Awards

WHMIS Product Suite

2008 Brandon Awards

WHMIS Online Training

2008 Apex Awards

WHMIS Self-Teach, WHMIS Handbook

2008 Aurora Awards

WHMIS Tell Me Your Story DVD

2007 MarCom Awards

WHMIS Tell Me Your Story DVD


2008 WHMIS Achievement

Tell Me Your Story Video selected to be shown at the World Congress on Safety & Health at Work Conference in Seoul, South Korea.

2002 Development Achievement

Primary content developer for the Multi-Industry Association Committee (mactdg.com)

2001 & 2005 TDG Sponsor Achievement

Sponsor to the TDG Congress hosted by Transport Canada in Ottawa November 5-6, 2001. Our TDG Regulations were used by over 250 delegates.

1989 Transport Canada Achievement

Created the Driver’s Training Package for Transport Canada.