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Train Your Employees

When it comes to training your team, we offer various methods of course delivery to help get the right courses to the right people.

Set Up a Corporate Training Portal

Distribute training courses with ease. Our Rapid Technology is our custom-branded training platform that allows you to effectively deliver courses, along with track and manage everything in one place.

Deliver Through Your Own LMS

If you already have your own LMS, we can integrate Danatec courses into your existing site. This means you can easily distribute courses to your team on a platform they are already familiar with.

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Buy Courses in Bulk

Purchase courses directly from Danatec’s website and have your staff visit Danatec.com to complete the course. You can also consider our Corporate Training Portal as an efficient way to manage and deliver your courses.

Customize or Develop a Course

Whether you need to tailor a current course to better fit your business needs or develop a new one from scratch, we can help. Our parent company, We Know Training provides you with all the support and tools you need to customize courses.


Why Danatec?

We built an extensive safety network over the last 30 years, providing customers with access to reliable safety courses, personalized solutions, and expert advice. We also go beyond the courses by offering innovative technology to help you navigate the challenges that occur during safety training.

Why Danatec

Training Resources

Keep your staff up-to-date with industry standards. You can also connect with our team to receive various forms of safety consulting or purchase books and resource materials to keep your staff informed.

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Speak with a Safety Expert

To purchase training courses, consulting, or learn more about our technology, contact our knowledgeable team:


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