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Safety Consulting

Let Danatec be your in-house safety experts. From processes to personnel training, our safety experts are your trusted partners.

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Whether you are handling hazardous chemicals, transporting dangerous goods, or working on energized electrical power equipment, you need regulatory compliance.

Our subject matter experts understand complex regulatory information and can and deliver it in a way your organization needs. You have a problem? We have your solution.

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Key Areas of Expertise

Ask about our optional course customizations and online course development.

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Services Provided


Needs Assessment

Not sure where to start? We will recommend a custom training and services program.


Process & Policy Review

We'll review your existing process & policies to identify gaps and suggest next steps.


Site Inspection

We assess your workplace to identify risks and hazards and proposed solutions.


Staff Training & Interviews

We ensure your staff know and understand required safety standards and can apply their knowledge on the job.


Labels & Safety Data Sheets

We develop materials to identify product characteristics, hazardous properties and handling precautions.


Program Development

We develop a customized program to ensure your workplace complies to all applicable standards and regulations.

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