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Safe Operations of Telehandlers with Core Competencies

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Safe Operation of Telehandler Lift Trucks (SOTLT) is an eLearning course designed to enhance the performance of telehandler operators by making them aware of their environment, hazards, technical aspects of their device, product handling, and securement. This eLearning will also assist with operators understanding their responsibilities and their own behaviours as it relates to the safe operation of a lifting device. This training will enhance any prior training operators have had.

Prior to taking SOTLT, you’ll take Core Competencies for Operators of Lifting Devices. This is a mandatory pre-requisite that’s designed to initiate core operator competencies by promoting the use of safe work practices that apply to all worksites and all lifting devices.

To obtain full certification, an employer, supervisor, or other qualified person is required to complete a practical evaluation upon completion of this eLearning. Anyone who purchases this course will receive access to Danatec’s Telehandler practical evaluation to achieve full certification.

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