Overhead Crane - Operator Safety Course Online - Canada

Course by: 360 Training

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What is Overhead Crane Operator Safety Training? 

Like any machinery, overhead cranes can be dangerous if handled by unskilled hands. That’s why the Canadian government mandates all overhead crane operators to take a safety training course. This I-CAB recognized course fulfills the Canadian Compliance requirements and introduces overhead cranes, common overhead crane safety hazards and safety best practices to implement when operating an overhead crane. Once you’ve completed and passed the course, you will get access to a printable certificate of compliance. 

Course Outline

- An introduction to overhead cranes  - An analysis of overhead crane mechanics  - How to maintain and inspect overhead cranes  - Common overhead crane safety hazards  - How to operate overhead cranes safely   - The use of rigging, hand signals and more! 

Course Details
1 hour and 30 minutes
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