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Our History

Since 1985, we've been ​building, publishing and customizing industry-leading training solutions.

1985 - 1994

Danatec by We Know Training was created with one goal in mind – to simplify the experience for learners seeking training in a variety of industries throughout Canada.

Incorporated in 1985, the name, “Dana” came from the phrase, Dangerous Goods. The “tec” stands for technical - thus, the name, “Danatec” was born. In the same year of its incorporation, Danatec published the industry’s first “TDG Self-Teach” training manual, providing a convenient way for companies and workers to stay safe, and compliant.

In 1988 Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) legislation came into effect. Danatec published the industry’s first “WHMIS Self-Teach” training manual to bring safety to the lives of working Canadians.

Danatec was only a fledgling company with a handful of TDG and WHMIS products and a lot of promise in 1991. That’s when Ron Martin met the founders of Danatec, who were interested in selling. Martin decided to purchase 50% of the company, with the goal of stabilizing the business and growing the brand. In the following year, Martin overhauled internal processes, opened offices across the country with the best TDG & WHMIS experts he could find, and began the process of the company selling more products.

1995 - 2002

In 1995, Martin purchased the remaining 50% of Danatec.

Moving into the 21st century, Danatec continued on its path of innovation in the safety sector. In 2000, Danatec built the first TDG and WHMIS online training courses in the country. Although customers were wary of the new technology, this represented an important step forward for Danatec, and for the safety industry.

The year 2001 saw Danatec develop the “MAC TDG” online training program for the oil & gas Industry. The program was a huge hit and most of Canada’s largest oil & gas companies implemented the program into their operations.

Transport Canada updated the TDG regulations in 2002 and adopted “Clear Language.” Danatec was then invited to participate at the first TDG forum in Ottawa. The company presented 150 TDG “Clear Language” regulations to all the inspectors across Canada. In the following year, Danatec moved to a state-of-the-art facility in SE Calgary and was one of the first head offices located in the now popular Quarry Park.

2003 - 2011

Throughout 2003 – 2007 Danatec continued to extend its product line, developing courses for a number of new industries. In 2008, Danatec won 13 national and international awards for its WHMIS product line. The Danatec team was also invited to showcase their award-winning video “WHMIS – Tell Me Your Story” in Seoul, Korea at the international workplace safety awards. The video received international praise.

Ron Martin retired in 2009 and named Alina Martin President. In 2010,

Danatec rebuilt the entire TDG product line and went on to win multiple awards. Online training also started to take off as it began being recognized as valid certification in the industry.

In 2011, Danatec crossed a major milestone - hitting 200,000 people trained online, and also acquired a small company, The TDG & WHMIS Compliance Center. That same year Danatec built the industry’s first TDG Class 7 online training for Handling Radioactive Materials. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission invited Danatec to present the product in Ottawa at their annual meeting.

2012 - Present

Danatec landed as number #34 on Alberta Ventures 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Alberta list in 2012. They landed on Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies list later that year and Alina Martin was honoured as one of Profit Magazine & Chatelaine's Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Canada.

In 2013, Danatec launched a US division, Danatec USA Inc. with a brand-new product line, GHS Hazcom. This product line went on to win 7 national and international awards. The Danatec team then opened up the company’s first virtual US office and hired a full-time salesperson to expand into this market.

Danatec was honoured once again in 2014, landing on Alberta Ventures 50 Fastest Growing Companies list and Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies list by Profit Magazine.

In 2015 Danatec celebrated its 30th anniversary and in December announced an innovative business partnership with We Know Training. The merger consolidated Danatec's 30-year-history in the safety training industry with one of Canada's leaders in online testing and training technology, solidifying Danatec's role as an industry leader in providing online safety training tools, and services.

Moving into the future, Danatec by We Know Training is poised to become the largest provider of trusted training solutions to regulated industries in the country (e.g. safety), through owned content and partnerships. Danatec continues to be a source for reliable and trusted premium training, at work or recreationally, and are experts and technology leaders.