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Ergonomics Consulting Services

Our ergonomics program provides an ergonomics consultant devoted to helping you set up a comfortable workplace.  

(519) 267-8600
(844) 267-8600

Ergonomics Services

Your on-site ergonomist(s) are available to you anywhere from one to five days a week. 

With our ergonomics support gain first-hand access to our comprehensive ergonomics services including, but not limited to: 

  • Ergonomics Needs Assessment (Ergo Audit) 
  • Ergonomics Assessments (i.e., PDDs, PDAs, Risk Assessments etc.) 
  • Office Ergonomics Assessments 
  • Ergonomics Tracking (i.e., assessment completion tracking, countermeasures, KPIs etc.) 
  • Ergonomics Training (i.e., Ergonomics in the workplace, office ergonomics, manual material handling, etc.) 
  • Ergonomics Policy and Procedure Development 

With on-site ergonomics support, you get direct access to ergonomics resources and guidance on developing a robust internal ergonomics program. Our experienced ergonomists will become part of your team, prioritizing your needs and bringing ergonomics to life in your workplace.