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Electrical Safety Training

Engaging electrical safety training to identify and quantify Arc Flash & Shock hazards, with certification courses available for Electrical and Non-Electrical Workers. Sign up for one of our in-class courses, or use our curated materials to provide training at your workplace.


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For All Your PPE Needs

Danatec is a PPE distributor providing innovative new arc flash & shock protective technologies in suits, accessories and equipment. Contact us to learn more or request a quotation today on the PPE you require to keep your electrical workers safe.

Danatec has partnered with Oberon to offer you the latest in next generation PPE gear. Oberon’s new True Colour Gray (TCG) Series faceshield is a medium-density filter that allows all wavelengths of visible light to pass through without causing any color distortion. The end result is a nearly clear experience for the worker when performing complex electrical tasks. With the advent of this new technology, electrical workers will no longer struggle to see coloured wires or electrical tape while working energized.

Add to this Oberon’s industry-leading arc flash fabrics. The InnovexFR™ fabric system is the latest result – even lighter and more comfortable than before. The TCG40 Series clothing is a super light PPE solution, which is a relief to those whose jobs require they wear these suits.

Oberon Product Brochure

To order please call Cindy Tedd at 1-800-465-3366 or email.



Why buy Oberon?

Oberon Product Brochure

Arc Flash Suit User Guide

Faceshield User Guide

Faceshield with Adapters User Guide

Oberon Arc Flash Suit Sizing Chart Step 1-2-3 Guide

Oberon Arc Flash Suit Sizing Kit Step 1-2-3 Instructional Guide


Unlimited PPE Inc. specializes in workplace electrical safety solutions. Who represents the Oberon Company in Canada and the Electrical Safety Division of Danatec Education Services Ltd. When combined, these companies form an unparalleled combination of solutions unlimited ppe arc flash ppe, electrical safety programs, classroom training and Unlimited PPE arc flash training.

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Electrical Safety Program in a Box

The Electrical Safety Program in a Box includes instructions for a complete do-it-yourself project.  

Your company customizes the provided ESP documents following a step-by-step implementation guide. The ESP in a Box template compliments an existing Occupational Health and Safety Management System or remains effective as a standalone safety management system for electrical hazards. 


Follow the provided instructions 
Customize the documentation 
Implement the program 
Train your workers 
Audit for results 


Use the provided resources to perform a document audit gap analysis 
Use the licensed documentation to immediately remedy identified gaps.


Easily review and adopt sections of the Danatec Electrical Safety Program in a Box, such as: 

Roles & Responsibilities 
Hazard Identification 
Risk Assessment & Controls 
PPE management 
Training Matrix
Supporting appendices, forms, flowcharts, etc

Who Benefits from an Electrical Safety Program?

Employers and workers benefit from an Electrical Safety Program.
With a comprehensive Electrical Safety Program consistent with accepted
Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards and industry
best practices, you maximize your due diligence for management of the
electrical hazards of arc flash & shock.

A Safety Management System identifies hazards, quantifies hazards,
and has appropriate preventive and protective control measures to
mitigate or reduce risk to workers. For electrical hazards, this safety
management system is called an Electrical Safety Program.

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This is a note just to let you know that I am totally impressed with the excellent customer service that Danatec® has provided. In this day and age it is very rare to see such wonderful customer service. I appreciate the speed in which my call was returned as well as the kindness and consideration you have shown. Thank you and I do hope that Danatec® is aware of the type of service they provide.

Rose Boehm

I recently did your on-line WHMIS training. From registration through to printing of my certificate, it was a pleasurable experience. Though it may seem a little thing – and, yes, I know, it’s automatically generated – but the congratulatory email with my grade noted was a nice touch (forwarded it to my QHSE Supervisor along with the PDF of my certificate, as I am on an oil-rig in north-eastern BC as I do/did this).

Unfortunately, I didn’t use Danatec for my on-line TDG training. I won’t make THAT mistake again! It will be Danatec from now on when I need to renew my certs.

SLB Pathfinder