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Our Mission

We are in the business of sending people home safely to their families.


Safety. Compliance. Solutions.

​With 30 years of experience building, publishing and customizing training solutions for organizations – we take the challenge out of complex regulatory compliance. We build training programs that are easy to use, easy to implement, cost-effective and help our customers remain safe and compliant.

Part of the We Know Training Family

At We Know Training, we believe that learning changes lives. It changes communities, industries, whole societies. Our goal is to help 1 billion learners achieve competence by 2025. For over a decade we’ve worked with subject matter experts, employers, industry regulators, and training managers to train, certify and verify millions of members of today’s workforce.

We Know Training is poised to become the largest provider of trusted training solutions to regulated industries (e.g. safety), through owned content and partnerships. We are a source for reliable and trusted premium training, at work or recreationally, and are experts and technology leaders.


A Family Focused Business

Danatec was incorporated in 1985 and a fifty percent share was sold to Ron Martin in 1991. Ron Martin would go on to buy the company outright in 1995. It was a family owned and operated business passing from Ron Martin to his daughter Alina Martin in 2010. In 2015, We Know Training and Danatec Educational Services merged and continues to support safety training and safety solutions for Canadian businesses. Danatec still remains a family-oriented business with the focus of bringing people home safely.